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DAY 12 - 30 Day Blogging Challenge

my 10 favourite foods

I’m what my mom calls a fussy eater.I’m a self confessed snack-er.

  • Woolworths Biltong Sticks – I buy a big bag once a month when I get paid its my treat.
  • 500 palabras máis
30 Day Blogging Challenge

Adega Chicken 🍗


Recipe for 1 Chicken.

Marinate chicken with the following.
1.5 teaspoon garlic paste

2 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon red chilli paste

1 tablespoon chilli powder… 109 palabras máis

Cleveland chef heading to Greece to represent U.S.A. in culinary contest

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Eddie Tancredi is the Executive Chef at Adega restaurant which is located in the Metropolitan at the 9 in downtown Cleveland.

Eddie recently returned from Ecuador where he competed in the… 69 palabras máis

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