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"With Her: 19 Years, A Great Run"

Today August 8th, is our 19th wedding anniversary…

Last time, my dear reader, I told you about the anger that I was feeling. This time… I’m overjoyed with the blessing given to me, of 19 years of marriage. 2.412 palabras máis

Video: Day Four, Towns in Chianti

On Day Four, we explored the little Italian towns surrounding Radda in the region of Chianti. It was picturesque, charming, and oh-so-scenic: churches, local produce, restaurants, shops, fountains, and a cute little puppy. 28 palabras máis

To Go Kupps

Greve in Chianti

This summer I had the wonderful opportunity to spend a month in Tuscany performing the challenging role of Donna Anna in Don Giovanni as a part of the Second Annual Greve Opera Academy and Music Festival. 313 palabras máis

"With and Without Her"

This year opened up with a devastating blow to our finances. In our 19 years of marriage we have gone through so much. I used to joke that we had double years…in others words and closer to what I would say, is, every one year was like two years. 1.903 palabras máis

|a pálpebra|

Uma greve é um período que paro para piscar.

No ensino fundamental aprendi sobre músculos e movimentos que nosso corpo executa sem pedirmos. O coração bate, o estômago faz digestão. 333 palabras máis


France and les Greves

An edition concerning strikes, French law, being in a demonstration and trying to get to Rouen.

I am no stranger to les greves – strikes.  When in Tours several years ago for an immersion program, I had to get a ride to school from my… 1.349 palabras máis

#loielkhomri: du dialogue social au rapport de forces. L'urgence pour l'Etat

Breaking News: “Grève annoncée dans les centrales nucléaires“, après l’arrêt de production des raffineries et le blocage des dépôts de carburants…en plein état d’urgence! 400 palabras máis

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