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Zugrăvirea lui Cristos

În genere, protestanții argumentează împotriva obiceiurilor și tradițiilor ortodoxe-catolice prin apel la scriptură. Unde se găsește în scriptură că x? Unde afirmă Biblia că … 893 palabras máis

Biblical Commentary

15 Carvings & Sculpture from the Bible! 15 - 19th Century. With Footnote, # 12

The master of the Kefermarkter altar

Madonna on the Crescent Moon with the Christ Child

Crescent Madonna

Height: 140 cm. 

Around 1490/1500.

The slender body is conceived on a carved rock base with foot above the crescent, standing between two angelic figures. 3.349 palabras máis


It is hard to overestimate the importance of learning to read basic Church Slavic for the student of Russian icons.  Without that essential knowledge (and it is not difficult to gain), mistakes in identification can very easily happen. 1.459 palabras máis

The Experimentalists

The wonders of the internet – who knews this existed? Bjork in her peak-Bjork late 1990s incarnation hosting a TV chat show with Estonian avant garde composer Arvo Part, whose expansive, soothing work was unknown to me and has now been gloriously revealed.

Thanks Bjork!