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Icons A to Z: K is for Knacks

The Very Best at What You Do

“K” is for “Knacks” the eleventh installment in the Icons A to Z series, is now available for sale on… 112 palabras máis


"If your not happy wearing denim, you're a devil in disguise"

Its Just a Jacket with sleeves and a

few pockets.

Its just a denim container  to keep

our insides shut.

A little promise that no drop will touch… 630 palabras máis


Free and Happy!

In honor of the weekend, I am posting something free! Yes, courtesy of Smashing Newsletter, Issue #137, you can now for a limited time, download some very cute and fun icons for your private use. 34 palabras máis


'Queer Icons' Of Color

Icons are an essential part of the visual history of religions, including those of the Catholic, Coptic and Orthodox Christian traditions. From the familiar Mary and the Archangel Gabriel to the more obscure Saint Menas or Theotokos of Vladimir, iconic depictions venerate the figures we consider holy or miraculous, marked by a defining saintly feature — the halo.

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Could McQueen been the new face of our £20 notes?

After browsing my weekly dose of Vogue online, news this week has highlighted an article that is interesting as well as comical. I was shocked to absorb the fact that Alexander McQueen could be the face of the new £20 notes as the public speak out!! 242 palabras máis

Icons, Part Two

As far back as I can hear in my memory, I have known the call of the mourning dove. From the time I was a tiny little girl sitting on the front porch while Grandma did the early-morning watering, to this morning forty-five years later, sitting on the back patio after doing the early-morning watering, that melancholy, infinitely soothing three-note trill has sounded in my ears, as familiar as my own heartbeat and sometimes as unnoticed, and as centering and reassuring when I listen for it. 49 palabras máis