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Female Fashion Icons

March is Women’s History month and in order to acknowledge some of the powerful women out there I’ve picked my three favorite ladies (specifically in relation to fashion, but these ladies are more than clothes and fame). 619 palabras máis



Finals are right around the corner at Cal Poly with the end of Winter Quarter 2015 in the horizon. Students need to be able to prioritize their time and studying in order to get the best results which is why… 120 palabras máis

The political triangle: Obama, Netanyahu and Iran

America is a great country to live, and Obama is a great President. He inherited a country that was in debt and entrenched in two wars. 606 palabras máis


GM's Day Sale!

If you’ve been thinking of checking out Icons Superpowered Roleplaying or its Great Power sourcebook, now is a great time, as they are both on sale during the GM’s Day Sale… 63 palabras máis