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Patrick Warburton as Lemony Snicket

In Netflix’s 2017 show Lemony Snicker: A series of unfortunate events the narrator is played by the immaculately well suited Patrick Warburton. His dulcet tones intermittently guide the story along, whilst summoning fashion overtones from Don Draper. 11 palabras máis


Upcoming courses, workshops, conferences

There are many people and organizations committed to integrating faith and the arts, and they often organize opportunities for public participation. Here are some such opportunities being offered this spring and summer, organized by date. 1.404 palabras máis

Visual Art


Written by Paulina Rios 

Icons are visual expressions used to communicate applications, functions, directions and more in a simple but meaningful way. Icons can be found all throughout the web as well as in public spaces. 106 palabras máis

Public Relations Visual Communication

Windows Basics – Icons vs Shortcuts

To be able to use your computer more effectively, you should be familiar with as many of its features as you can.

This tutorial covers the basics of icons and shortcuts and is a continuation of the tutorial, Windows Basics – The Taskbar. 361 palabras máis



In an earlier posting on the icon type of the “Miracle of the Archangel Michael at Khonae,” I mentioned that there was a tendency in early Christianity to worship angels.  819 palabras máis

Modern Logo Design: Back to the Future

In the digital age we are saturated with abundant information and less time and attention than ever before. Some less effective logos of the are often complex and filled with gradients, colours, type and graphics that will often pass by viewers unnoticed. 109 palabras máis


Helvetica: Clean or Cliché

Helvetica is one of the most widely used typefaces of our time. So much that it appears in everything from logos, documents, advertisements and in film. 84 palabras máis