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Project: Icons

Minimalist icons are a new experiment for me, and one I wanted to incorporate into a website for work. I needed three icons for the front page, one to use for the history section, one for the bird research, and one for the mission. 103 palabras máis

Kristin Phillips

My (Part-Time) "Adult" Job | I've Been Published!

I have been not-so-patiently waiting to publish this post for SO long!

In September of 2015, I was offered a position in IT at SIMED… 284 palabras máis


Scrivener for Thesis Writing: Customise Your Icons


Did you know it’s possible to customise the icons in Scrivener? I’ve customised mine to represent the country flags of the two places that I did my fieldwork (Brazil and Timor-Leste). 529 palabras máis

Homework 1: Maslow's Iconic Hierarchy

In my opinion, people are the most creative at the top of Maslow’s hierarchy. They will have everything they need to be comfortable and happy so they will be able to nurture their creative pursuits and realize their creative potential. 82 palabras máis


Susan Sarandon can wear WHATEVER the F**k she likes WHENEVER the F**k she wants

A powerful Woman Celebrating the life of her creative equals with her peers

As for the other Piers….are you kidding me?
Who gets to tell a creative genius, thespian, – who has been known throughout her illustrious career for inhabiting some of the most vital, sexy, thoughtful characters on screen – using her instrument (her fine artistic mind, and her sexual and emotional power) – that it is time to ‘put it under wraps’. 178 palabras máis

David Bowie

Scrivener for Thesis Writing: Icons

Icons in the Scrivener Binder are a great tool to quickly orientate yourself in your writing.

Icons in Scrivener Binder have two functions

  1. Icons can tell you some basic information about your writing…
  2. 255 palabras máis