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Show me the light.
I'm not scared.
Skin the lids off my eyes.
I must see.

Of the Wand and the Moon

Of The Wand And The Moon / Grift / By The Spirits upcoming live act poster (details) @wandmoon @griftofficial @bythespirits



“Nyk! Nyk! Nål i vann. Jomfru Maria kastet stål i vann! Du synker, jeg flyter ” … This is a Nøkken: a beautiful man who inhabits the streams and rivers of Scandinavia and enchants whoever listens to him playing the violin or the harp. 32 palabras máis


Icons Tell A Story

If there’s anything I like more than great writing, it’s great icons. These are from a website called the (external link). It was produced by the American Society of Civil Engineers. 140 palabras máis

The Emmys Offer Further Proof That Awards Shows Need to Change or Go Away

It’s like a bad dream that everyone keeps having but its the same dream.  A room full of beautiful Hollywood people, many of them in horrendous dresses, have their names called to accept an award.   856 palabras máis

Television And Film

Deciphering the Skype for Business meeting icons

When Sandra and I hold meetings in Skype for Business, there’s almost always a discussion about who’s on mute, if someone can see the see the screen yet, etc. 331 palabras máis

Skype For Business