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Towering Above - Telstra Tower on Black Mountain

Some practice shots of, and from Canberra’s iconic telecommunication tower.

Tower from the Arboretum

Tower from Black Mountain Peninsula

Tower from Black Mountain Peninsula

Viewing deck… 110 palabras máis


Mark 9:1-7: Jesus Transfigured

Mark 9:1-7: Jesus Transfigured

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Rather than ask for a sign of our worthiness or God’s presence, we might act on the opportunity we are given to witness to Christ’s transformation as did Peter, James and John. 191 palabras máis


Hands of Reconciliation, by Janet Hagberg

Hands of Reconciliation

An icon in the “shiver” series: Janet O. Hagberg, artist, with Joseph Mallard

Listen, O people, in the silent chapel of your heart; and the Beloved will speak of peace to you, to the hidden saints, to all who turn their hearts to love. 409 palabras máis

Deep Healing

Christ in Icons: the God-Man


We have said that, in the struggle against iconoclasm, the Church defended all of its teaching about our salvation. The Kontakion of the Triumph of Orthodoxy is the best example of this. 607 palabras máis

Leonid Ouspensky


The Old Testament Book of Daniel is the source of several icons.  It is an historical fiction (though presented as history) set in Babylon in the time of Nebuchadnezzar II (605-562 b.c.e).   1.030 palabras máis