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Icon of the Week: Crucifixion

Artist’s Narrative:
The angel’s fiery sword will no longer guard the gate of Paradise, for the Cross of the Lord has put it out wondrously. The power of death has been broken, the victory of Hades wiped out, and You, my Savior, have stood up and called out to all those bound in hell: “Come now, and enter into heaven!” 26 palabras máis


Dot Beware

Earlier this week I allowed malicious software to run on my computer. It came as a well-disguised email attachment. It was abetted by my tablet email that did not show me the full address of the sender, which would have made me instantly suspicious. 468 palabras máis

Books For The Internet Age

Icons A to Z: G is for Golden Age

“Keep ‘em flyin’, heroes!”

G is for Golden Age, the seventh installment in the Icons A to Z series, is now available for sale on… 111 palabras máis


Francois Sagat and Benson Chen

Two great tastes…that taste great together? ;)

Pioneros y estandartes del surf

El surf es un deporte, más bien una forma de vida, que cualquiera de nosotros relaciona directamente con playas paradisíacas, relax, despreocupación, libertad,etc. En definitiva, es lo antónimo a la rutina y la vida típica de las grandes ciudades occidentales con trabajos de despacho, hipotecas,estrés y demás. 310 palabras máis



A sixteen years old Jerry Hall, before being Mick Jagger’s wife and giving him four sons.