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The Windy City

Chicago is not an esteemed city, but a spirited one. It lacks the grand history of Boston, the pure symbolism of New York, the cosmopolitan heart of Los Angeles, for it is not a clean city, nor a proud city, but a city of grit, of ingenuity, and of perseverance. 290 palabras máis

For Speech Class

"Don't Tread On Me"

Being a Hoosier, I have become acquainted with the backsides of numerous automobiles driving across the state. In our rural environment there is quite a bit of driving, and naturally people feel the need to express themselves through their automobiles, with which they will spend a great deal of time. 280 palabras máis

For Speech Class

Bradley James | Festive Icons

Just a few icons – seasonal silliness featuring Bradley James. ’tis the Season!! I think I’ve got it out of my system now….possibly.  Maybe. :) Click the images to download if you’d like to use.  41 palabras máis


Projections: An Interactive Portrait Project

“Interactive” is quite a buzzword in the art world these days, but what does it really mean?  The term suggests an expectation  of physical contact between gallery visitor and artwork. 557 palabras máis

Gallery Exhibition

Hollywood teen stars: Most stylish icons

Hollywood’s teen stars have risen to fame for their roles in films and unforgettable songs. Their images are on the fast track of becoming fashion icons. 26 palabras máis

The theophanic ministry of the icon and the restoration of souls

The theophanic ministry of the icon (as different from a religious painting) leads to the restoration and return of souls to their Creator and Father not just by its intrinsic beauty, which both leads in a mysterious manner to and transmits the beauty of Him Who is Other, but by drawing souls beyond the pale of this earthly plane to that of the heavenly plane through its epiphanic presence and direct participation in the divine light; the… 99 palabras máis

God The Father