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Ice Cream Icon

Life is like an ice cream cone. You have to lick it one day at a time.

Charles M. Schulz

And every lick tastes different!

Graphic Design

Axialis Stock Icons–Pure Flat 2013 Toolbar Stock Icons/Ribbon & Toolbar Stock Icons Retail

Axialis Stock Icons – Pure Flat 2013 Toolbar Stock Icons/Ribbon & Toolbar Stock Icons Retail | 509 Mb

No time to make your own icons? Use our professionally-designed icons. 119 palabras máis


Rihanna, Numita Personalitatea Anului De Catre Universitatea Harvard

Rihanna,este cunoscuta, mai mult pentru melodiile sale de succes si pentru tinutele sale provocatoare, sau pentru implicarea sa industria modei, insa Universitatea Harvard a decis, miercuri, sa-i acorde o distinctie, pentru o alta latura a sa, numind-o “ 136 palabras máis



They are everywhere. This time of year. And, most times of the year. These are fresh. Bright. Shiny. New. As the year rolls on they will begin to fade. 216 palabras máis

Ray Laskowitz

Nintendo Switch Profile Icons Revealed

Thanks to a Twitter user going by the handle: “MoldyClay64”, the (hopefully) first set of profile icons for the Nintendo Switch have been revealed!  136 palabras máis


Improve Your Projects With Professional Design Icons

Many developers of websites and software make the mistake of underestimating the great importance of having high-quality professional design icons in their site and programs. Design icons can great boost the appearance of a project and since first impressions count for a lot, this is more…