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Happy Friday!

Am I the only one that is itching to go on a vacation? Unfortunately, due to lack of monetary funds, I am forced to daydream about the places I’d like to go and plan it all in my head instead. 885 palabras máis

Our Little Bit of Summer in Tenerife

After seeing an advertisement nearly a million times from a travel agency around Madrid that depicted a cruise ship as an island, my kids have been begging to visit one.   320 palabras máis

Auxiliares De Conversacion

¡Hola Madrid!

¡Hola! Finally a Friday off and I’m taking full advantage doing what makes me the happiest, which is of course spending time at a cafe. Taking it easy today. 493 palabras máis


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Continuing our journey in Madrid

This gorgeous, historic city

Come along with us to discover more of its beauty 381 palabras máis


Becoming local.

I set out on a mission last Wednesday: find a cobbler, and get my shoes repaired.

Some stitching in the leather uppers had come undone, and I knew it would be a quick fix. 608 palabras máis