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Las Cuatro Torres

The fog obscures the looming towers’ tops,

Much as it does with my future.

I know they peak in the heavens,

Though I can’t see how many flights it takes to reach there. 51 palabras máis


1190 park in Madrid

I don’t remember the name of this park anymore… but it was beautiful for sure…a couple of years ago in Madrid!


A hidden gem!

In Madrid, there are about 3,100 restaurants.  A big quantity, and most of them, with a great deal of quality as well.  Today, I will not talk about the Michellin-starred ones, the hip-and-happening places or the ones with an International cuisine.  186 palabras máis


Golfo de Bizkaia Madrid

Delicious tapas bar in Madrid. At Christmas there were oceans of fresh oysters, delicious and innovative tapas. Super service. Try Golfo de Bizkaia if you are in Madrid. 8 palabras máis


La Sirena Verde Madrid

Here at La Sirena Verde in Madrid has time has stood still for many years, but their seafood is fresh and the prices are reasonable. A rustic restaurant where the ground floor more or less is like a cafeteria and the first floor is a little cozier. 40 palabras máis


Two jailed over 'terrorist' glove puppet show at Madrid Carnival

Imprisonment of puppeteers on charges of glorifying terrorism has drawn outcry from Left-wing politicians and supporters

Two puppeteers have been imprisoned in Madrid after their street theatre show drew howls of outrage from parents who complained that the play included messages of support for the Basque terrorist group ETA. 151 palabras máis