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"Who is inside Nemo's" Introspective new mural by Nemo's in Madrid

In Madrid for his new solo show “Who is NemO’s at the Espositivo gallery, Italian artist Nemo’s found some time to paint this new and introspective mural. 96 palabras máis


Jum’atan di Madrid

Setelah 8 kali berturut turut tidak melaksanakan ibadah jum’atan secara ‘normal’, saya beri’tikad buat jumatan di Madrid sebelum pulang ke Indonesia dua hari setelahnya. Absennya  jumatan selama itu bukan semata mata karena malas,melainkan tidak adanya masjid di sekitar… 757 palabras máis


Never Enough Torrijas...

At the risk of sounding repetitive after last year’s post Time for Torrijas, I’m just going to do it anyway. The thing is that there is just no way to celebrate the… 232 palabras máis

Spanish Foods

TLS Group - About us

About us

We are a young team and we work for young people. Our team has got over 50 people, including London, Madrid and Barcelona. 155 palabras máis


Deep Blue Group Publications LLC - Fiender kommer til a hate

En av de andre viktigste arsakene tror jeg noen folk ikke start a invest er pa grunn av alle de negative snakke ut det fra folk som er for redd til a invest seg selv. 231 palabras máis


A Neurotic Reminisces.

I have this recurring dream that I’m walking in an enormous and opulent park filled with manicured gardens and beautiful statues. There is an enormous platform (there is a better name for this) in the middle of this park. 276 palabras máis