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Royal Palace of Aranjuez - Roam Experience - Photo Gallery

The Spanish empire at one stage in history was one of the wealthiest and biggest empire in Europe during the 1700s – and with wealth comes extravagance that would otherwise puzzle a commoner like Ms. 227 palabras máis


Musings from Madrid

You feel young and beautiful. You feel blessed by so many gifts from life.

Your feet have trodden the right path, always. Notwithstanding, today there’s doubt.

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A bit of Spain

After the visit to the mine of São Domingos, we decided to go Spain, or at least to drop briefly on and say ‘Hi’ to a neighbour country. 15 palabras máis



If you are thinking about studying abroad, especially to practice Spanish, you may be considering Madrid. Over the summer of 2017, I studied abroad in Madrid for five weeks, and learned a lot about the city while I was there. 325 palabras máis

A quick trip to the capital

A couple of weeks ago I visited Madrid for a weekend and I finally got around to writing about it in my first ~travel~ style post. 781 palabras máis

Year Abroad

How I Grew Milestones in Minutes (or Maybe Just a Few Days)

I’m writing this in Barcelona. One of my favorite cities in the world. I’m really getting better at this blogging thing, and I hope you’re proud of me for it. 894 palabras máis