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Iberia estudia abrir ruta a Managua desde Madrid

MANAGUA, Nicaragua–La aerolínea española Iberia abrió el proceso para lanzar nuevas rutas a Asia, África y América en los dos próximos años y en estudio se encuentran destinos como Brasilia, Managua, Guadalajara, Asunción, San Juan de Puerto Rico, Doha, Tokio, Johannesburgo y Toronto. 212 palabras máis


Oh No She Madridn't: A Glowing Review of My EF Experience

So for the last month of my Erasmus year I decided to spice things up a bit.

Unfortunately, even after working in Madrid for five months, I didn’t feel as though my level of spoken Spanish had drastically improved. 475 palabras máis


HOSTELS: and why you shouldn't believe any bad assumptions about them.


Answer: No, I haven’t seen the movie “Hostel”, nor will I ever watch it. 888 palabras máis

We were supposed to be teaching English in Spain

We were supposed to be teaching English in Spain. Manning our battle stations day and night, making sure that our subjects were in agreement with their verbs. 401 palabras máis


FOOD DAY and Madrid Tour

July 17, Travel Day and Madrid Day 1

Friday morning we set off for an early train from Barcelona to Madrid. Thankfully, we were able to sleep almost the whole time. 384 palabras máis

La historia del Marqués de Cerralbo y su colección de arte.

Museo Cerralbo

La historia del arte está llena de pequeños relatos de grandes –y no tan grandes- personajes que contribuyeron a construir una historia muy prolífica. 1.213 palabras máis


Madrid Video Blog.

Did you know that Madrid’s Casa de Campo Park is larger than Central Park in New York and Hyde Park in London??!! Impressive hey.

So we spent the day here.. 10 palabras máis