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Madrid: The Prado, Medieval Art

I must admit, in the past I have not really enjoyed medieval art. In the Met in New York, the medieval section was just an area to walk through as quickly as possible. 354 palabras máis


The Barefoot Queen - Seville, Madrid - Ildefonso Falcones

Why a booktrail?

A tale of love, hope and perseverance set against a historical backdrop of slavery and the gypsy community in Spain. There are some graphic scenes of violence against women in this story however which makes the world a very dark one at times. 635 palabras máis

Books Set In Spain

Madrid Skoda Triatlón Villa de Madrid

TL; DR: 40 degrees of blazing sunshine, a swim without wetsuits, a cycle course with no shade, and a lovely run. Long and hot and hard – the achievement being actually finishing! 2.797 palabras máis


Real Democracy Now

Dear people,

It has taken four years for the 15M movement to arrive from the occupied squares to the palaces of power. Last month, grass roots political parties all over Spain have shaken up the establishment and conquered, among others, the municipalities of Madrid and Barcelona. 1.154 palabras máis


Templo de Debod.

Okay, I cheated. This post is not really about Templo de Debod. It should be called something like on the way to Templo de Debod. You can’t even see the temple itself in this post. 233 palabras máis


16 octobre 2013 23H Madrid 16 October 2013 11 pm

Je trouve dommage de n’être resté à Barcelone que deux jours. Je sens que Valery Larbaud s’y est ennuyé. Il ne partage pas ma passion pour cette ville. 572 palabras máis


Hasta Luego

Well it has all come to an end. My 9 months in Spain will be over in 3 days, and I can’t help but reflect on everything that has happened. 1.166 palabras máis