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Arrocería Casa de Valencia

Restaurante representativo de la comunidad valenciana, necesario para recordar los sabores de la tierra.



Who's to blame for de Gea transfer fiasco?

  • In the end, Real Madrid only has itself to blame, despite the scathing statement it released Tuesday.
  • Both the buying and selling club have to register the transfer digitally with FIFA’s Transfer Matching System.
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It's Never This Hot in Scotland

With Paris a distant memory, it was time to prepare for a holiday with the other half. A week in Madrid awaited us and was the trip I had been most looking forward to. 428 palabras máis


August recap - injuries and illness

Ups and downs… ups and downs…. probably that can describe most triathletes’ training! But this month has certainly been one of ups and downs, from great weekends away, quiet work-weeks and good workouts, to a tummy bug that refuses to leave, an injured leg and complete apathy towards swimming! 1.233 palabras máis


Nature | Killer fly

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The Last Weekend12

I’m officially approaching the end of my time as an Au Pair!!

(Thank the Lord)

It’s definitely been a great experience, but I am more than ready to get back home and to school. 286 palabras máis

Story Of My Life