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Madrid: Day 3

Today, I ate at a four little cafes, toured Mercado del Rastro, sat in the sun at Parque del Retiro for several hours, rode a boat around the pond, and spent quality time with my friends. 13 palabras máis


My Journey: Studying Abroad Changed My Life

233 days in, 49 more to go.

It doesn’t feel like very long ago I was struggling to find an apartment in Madrid and now I’m already thinking about moving back home. 1.314 palabras máis

The Rain in Spain

They say the two major days for road accidents in the US are April 15 (Tax Day) and the day of the Super Bowl. In one case it’s the stress and in the other giddiness or excitement that lead to poor and erratic driving. 875 palabras máis


Oreo + butter, milk, flour, eggs and sugar = ?

Lawdy Lawd, if you’re a fan of cupcakes you’re gonna drool like a Pavlov doggy with what I am about to tell you. I’ve been trying to diet, but since I got super sick (and apparently developed allergies, yay) then I said “fuck the diet, I need comfort food.” I walked out of my house, decided to go to the Retiro Park here in Madrid, but ran into a completely flooded Segovia bridge so I had to change plans. 229 palabras máis


Concert: War + Dulce Adicción

Hi there! It’s been a long time since I stopped by here… I’m super busy these days, really wishing the holidays to come… *sigh*

Anyway, today’s post is a bit different. 462 palabras máis


Sagas - Welcome to Madrid!

The weather has been most inviting to enjoy the great outdoors during these past few days. The temperature has been pleasantly cool and the sun has been most comforting. 416 palabras máis


Oh No She Madridn't: A Trip to Toledo

This weekend my friends and I fancied a change of scenery and so we thought that it was about time we made a trip to Toledo; one of Madrid’s surrounding medieval towns. 517 palabras máis