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Bad Feminist

I just finished reading Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay, a collection of essays both personal and political in which she takes a stance on issues concerning women in the media, recent news and legislation while admitting to imperfection and hesitation towards claiming the label of “feminist”. 1.418 palabras máis

Una comida latína in the heart of Madrid

When one walks in Gran Via in Madrid , you will always pass many people advertising something… pizza, pasta, sushi, bocadillos (Spanish sandwiches in baguette bread) and even live girls (as opposed to dead ones I suppose). 452 palabras máis


Parque del Capricho (Park of Capricho) in Madrid

Spring is finally making an appearance in Spain. I’ve spent the last 5 months dealing with cold weather. I am from Texas and not use to having a long cold winter; however, I like Spain’s weather because it is more gradual in temperature change. 619 palabras máis


#BJ_Horacio, Blank Paper Escuela, 22.06.2013 [eng

With this session, Horacio Fernández invented one of the bookjockey formats of greater popularity, which almost became a kind of standard. After him had been used with variations, by… 621 palabras máis

#BJ_Horacio, Blank Paper Escuela, 22.06.2013 [esp

Con esta sesión Horacio Fernández se inventó uno de los formatos de bookjockey que más aceptación está teniendo, y que casi se ha convertido en un estándar. 665 palabras máis

El dia en que Mou volvio a sonreir

Tuvieron que pasar casi 3 años para que José Mourinho esbozara nuevamente una sonrisa en su rostro, esta vez con motivo del campeonato del Chelsea en la Capital One Cup. 310 palabras máis