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Fortaleza de São José da Ponta Grossa

A Fortaleza de São José da Ponta Grossa está localizada no norte da ilha de Florianópolis. Distante do centro da cidade aproximadamente 25km, o percurso de carro leva em média meia hora. 397 palabras máis

Los Andes-Vicuña Heritage route. Section Los Vilos: Quelon-Tilama-Caimanes


This presentation is part of the report heritage route The Andes-Vicuña, section Vilos: Quelon-Tilama-Caimanes, in the north-central zone of Chile. This is a support requested by local community organizations to protect the bridges and tunnels of the old Andes-Vicuna railway route, and thus avoid demolition for new road projects. 145 palabras máis

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Sharing identity, sharing objects: a workshop by Flor Alba Garzón, expert in heritage education

Anamaría Rojas Múnera
Quibdó, Colombia

Once again, I had the opportunity to participate in a workshop ran by Flor Alba Garzón, a recognised Colombian educator and museum practitioner whose approach is to promote learning as a sensory, inclusive and participatory experience. 603 palabras máis


Olaria Negra de Bisalhães declarada Património da Unesco

O processo de fabrico da Olaria Negra de Bisalhães foi declarado Património Cultural Imaterial da Unesco, esta terça-feira.

A decisão foi tomada durante a reunião do Comité Intergovernamental para a Salvaguarda do Património Cultural Imaterial em Adis Abeba, na Etiópia. 444 palabras máis

Viticulture heritage / Patrimonio Vitivinícola

Counseling work for “El Sobrante” Vineyard, about Vineyard heritage values, and intervention criteria.

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Heritage criteria intervention of Pichilemu Urban Park

Here, something about my work for the project called “Diseño Mejoramiento Parque Bosque Urbano Municipal de Pichilemu”. It’s a Presentation of Heritage criteria intervention of Pichilemu Urban Park, to the Council of National Monuments.

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School of arts and crafts in La Serena

I was a co-formulator of the project to develop the first school of heritage arts and crafts in the city of La Serena, which was called “Escuela de Artes y Oficios Osvaldo Ramírez Ossandón”. 24 palabras máis

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