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Kid Friendly?: A Parents YouTube Channel Review of Moriah Elizabeth

Want to find out if the YouTube channel Moriah Elizabeth is appropriate for your kids, or just about Moriah Elizabeth? You’ve come to the right place! 892 palabras máis


Cookie Squishy from Used Makeup Sponges

My daughter and I love watching this Youtube craft channel, Moriah Elizabeth. One of her most popular series is her squishy makeovers.

We tried it out using my old makeup sponges and I’m happy to report that it actually works! 215 palabras máis

New Frog old song

My name is Frogeet Smile.

I will stick around for a while

You ask: what happened to Frank

Did someone play him a prank

Was he on the Titanic that sank? 148 palabras máis


The Squishy Insides Analogy

This analogy states that behind all our armor and shells lay the squishy insides of our heart and soul.

Our squishy insides are shapeless, or rather they can formed to what ever shape we choose or is chosen for us by hurt, pain, or trauma. 1.727 palabras máis


Smooshy Mushy Mystery Munchie Packs

LOVE Smooshy Mushy! They now have these awesome packs with squishes and slime!

  • What will you get inside your lunchbox?
  • Creat your own Smooshy stack…
  • 108 palabras máis