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Government watchdog agency can’t figure out where 20% of federal election grant funding went

An audit by the Government Accountability Office could not account for a significant portion of Election Assistance Commission grants provide to states to assist with voting last year during the COVID-19 pandemic. 120 palabras máis

New VAT rules for businesses importing goods to France from the 1st of January!

Rules change for VAT on imports of goods into France as of the 1st of January! All businesses must now auto liquidate VAT (declare as collected and deductible at the same time) on all goods imported into France from outside of EU. 216 palabras máis


To Incorporate or not? That is the question

Over the past few months, I have come across a few entrepreneurs that were contemplating incorporating their business. It is a complex topic and a difficult decision to make. 286 palabras máis

St. Louis County Tax Receipts

I received a recent notice enclosed with my latest County Real Estate notice.

“IMPORTANT: You will no longer receive a mailed receipt. Official receipts may be printed from our website or obtained in person at one of our offices.” 65 palabras máis


US Debt Ceiling Crisis

The United States hit its debt limit on August 1st, and the Treasury Department was about to run out of cash and other resources, risking a default on obligations like the outstanding debts. 59 palabras máis


Getting Initial Principal Out Part 2

As we discussed last week on our blog and on our podcast (episode 45), getting your initial principal out is crucial. How I am able to continuously do deals is by getting my initial principle out and recycling it into the next deal. 490 palabras máis