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Steve Winwood’s voice still, after fifty years, gives me goose pimples.

Absolutely fabulous.


The Holy and Great Council: Separating Fact from Fiction

by Evagelos Sotiropoulos

As someone who traveled to Crete for the Holy and Great Council, who attended both Synodal Divine Liturgies (for Pentecost and the Sunday of All Saints) and who spoke with and heard from dozens of bishops, I am disturbed by the “malicious words” (cf. 1.074 palabras máis

Holy And Great Council

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A necessary response to Orthodox fanatics who sacrifice the truth for the sake of their schismatic sectarianism.

Terreuraanval in Parijs, net voor verkiezingen:

In Parijs vond donderdagavond (20 april 2017, rond 21h Centraal Europese Tijd) een terreuraanval plaats nabij de Arc de Triomphe, op de Champs Elysées. Een gewapende man sprong er uit een voertuig en begon te schieten op de politie. 623 palabras máis


ROCOR Commentary on the February Revolution: Blame the West and Link Putin to the Tsars

by Lena Zezulin

It is sad, if understandable, that the Russian state and society remained almost mute on the anniversary of the February/March 1917 Revolution. There is no consensus on those events. 963 palabras máis

Religion And Politics

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Russian Orthodox politics aat its worst. Thee are sad times for the Russian Orthodox Church, for which she is fully responsible..

Social Capital: Seeds of Friendship Growing into a National Symbol for Reconciliation

By Manal el-Tayar

Her voice quivered as she started speaking. One could sense how intimidating it must have felt for a twenty-year-old to address a crowd of religious leaders, politicians, ambassadors, civil society leaders, academicians and other notable delegates about her vision for a united Lebanon. 1.475 palabras máis

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Humans are fundamentally symbolic beings. And nowhere is this seen better than in the so much needed reconciliation that our world need at this moment in hiistory.