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Mixed Emotions: Some Reflections on Life and Death

by Jesse Wheeler

Life and Death

At 4:30 AM, 16 February 2016, my wife went into labor. In joyful anticipation, we scrambled out of bed, got dressed, grabbed our bags and rushed to the hospital. 1.249 palabras máis

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A sobering text, fitting this holy week in Eastern Christianity. May the Lord have mercy on all of us!

Press release

After the recent Bothriembryon paper was published, Pensoft has made a press release:

The link to the full text is here

Some Common Misperceptions about the Date of Pascha/Easter

by John Fotopoulos

There is a common misperception among Orthodox Christians that the reason why Orthodox Easter (i.e. Pascha) often occurs so much later than Western Christian Easter is because the Orthodox Church abides by the rules for calculating the date of Pascha issued by the 1st Ecumenical Council at Nicaea in 325 AD and thus the Orthodox must wait for Passover to be celebrated by the Jewish community before Pascha can occur. 2.092 palabras máis

Ecumenical And Interfaith Relations

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And Cain Knew His Wife

Where did Cain get his wife?

Did people really live 900+ years?

Who cares who begot who? Can we get to the action?!

Perhaps the most boring genre in the Bible is the genealogy – or at least it can seem so from our twenty first century perspective. 1.216 palabras máis


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