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Lansarea cărții Sectanții de Vasile Ernu la Bookfest 2015

Cu prilejului Târgului de carte Bookfest 2015, Vasile Ernu și-a lansat cartea Sectanții. Iată câteva înregistrări de la acest eveniment.


Lansarea cărții Sectanții de Vasile Ernu – Bookfest 2015 (2) 25 palabras máis


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Inregistrari de la lansarea cartii lui Vasile Ernu, Sectantii.

Getting back, up and running, can be scary...

It has been a long time since Krypto and I have done any “serious” agility, that is trialling. We had stopped last November because of Krypto’s injury due to some scar tissue adhesion that had deteriorated his jumping. 717 palabras máis


A Sense of Identity

Lost in the Global Economy

By Steven J. Grisafi, PhD.

In an interview given to Der Spiegel, the German Finance Minister Wolfgang Shäuble spoke an aphorism told to him from his grandmother: Benevolence comes before dissolution. 1.019 palabras máis


Where Do You Start?

The issues surrounding science and Christian faith are huge. They seem complex and technical. It is tempting to search for short simple solutions and move on … or to ignore the issues all together. 1.066 palabras máis

Science And Faith

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For those interested in the dialogue between science and theology.

On the blessings of being a gypsy

For my first seven years I had just one identity: child. The move to a bigger city in Romania made it  clear to me that I was not a “normal” Romanian child but a ”gypsy” 1.255 palabras máis

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This text will mean a lot for those who, like me, share a common gypsy legacy.