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Molly Worthen - How to Escape From Roy Moore’s Evangelicalism

Molly Worthen (born 1981), is a historian of American religion and a liberal journalist. She is assistant professor of history at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 644 palabras máis


Stevie's corner, turn 8 today !


I am very happy today to see that my blog has been visited by 375 156 visitors since 8 years :D 8 years that I shared with my visitors what is fascinating me in the Unreal universe. 220 palabras máis


Kirsteen Kim - Unlocking Theological Resource Sharing Between North and South

Kirsteen Kim is Professor of Theology and World Christianity in the School of Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary, USA

Kirsteen Kim deals in this Lausanne article with what I consider to be one of the tragedies of present day evangelicalism: the Western financial and institutional domination of evangelicalism, in the context of a growing evangelical and Pentecostal/charismatic dynamic moving rapidly East and South. 584 palabras máis


John Pavlovitz - If You Voted for Donald Trump, You Owe My Children an Apology

Note: This is a vitriolic and well deserved indictment to all those who, in their foolishness have made possible the election o an utter fool as President of  United States, 412 palabras máis


How to learn a new language -- drink alcohol!

Being more or less conversant in seven languages, yours truly knows from own experience that learning a new language isn’t easy. It sure takes time and effort but is worth every minute. 29 palabras máis